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Volunteer Opportunities
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ARMA Houston Chapter Volunteer Opportunities



Why Volunteer?

  • Volunteering keeps you involved with ARMA board leadership.

  • Volunteering keeps you updated with any hot RIM topics and valuable information. 

  • Volunteering provides networking opportunities with other RIM Professionals & Vendors

"Serving as Membership Retention Manager was an educational and personally gratifying experience. I not only learned how to deliver through others, I had a great time building relationships with wonderful people."

                                                                             - Skai Shadow, ERMS IOAP, Business Records Manager

The ARMA Houston Chapter has volunteer opportunities available under all Committee Managers. Click Here to see the list of Committee Managers.  Feel free to contact any committee manager you would like to work under.  We will be happy to hear from you!

Choose a Volunteer Opportunity:

Harris County Archives Volunteer Project

The on-going Harris County Archives project assists Archivist Sarah Canby Jackson and staff in various ways. The initial phase involved processing, under Sarah’s tutelage, fragile late 19th- and early 20th-century civil case documents. Once accustomed to the procedure, volunteers engaged in spirited discussions about local history: changes in the cost of living, altered - and expanded - population distribution and commercial centers, and transformed geography. The group admired ornate certificates and marveled at calligraphic handwriting.

The project’s second phase was more physically demanding – off-loading materials from pallets to their final resting places in cabinets and on shelves. Old newspapers, scrapbooks and ledgers prompted more local history dialog, and evoked more reminiscence.

An integral part, certainly, of each assembly is networking. Several participants were not ARMA Houston members; they not only witnessed the camaraderie, they heard of other benefits of belonging to the Chapter. Members learned more of what bound each to another: dog fancy, motorcycling, travel, running, all sorts of interests and hobbies. At least a few of the group several times went to lunch at the end of the activity; almost the entire troupe extended the last get-together by dining al fresco at a neighborhood restaurant.

Networking, learning, giving one’s self to a greater good – all are benefits to be reaped from participation in the Harris County Archives Volunteer Project.

Membership Retention Committee

This committee contacts and encourages members to renew their ARMA membership and not miss out on the great benefits this chapter has to offer them:

  • Monthly meetings and hands-on workshops delivered by experts
  • Leadership and development opportunities through mentoring and volunteer positions
  • Access to 400+ like-minded records and information professionals

Volunteering on this committee gives you an internal view of how much this Chapter valued its members. Who wouldn’t want to volunteer for the largest chapter in ARMA?

Membership Directory Committee

The Membership Directory Committee utilizes the ARMA International membership list to update the ARMA Houston membership website database. This is accomplished by inputting the ARMA International list into an Excel template with custom fields then forwarding the Excel document to the contact for importing. The website database is updated once a month, so this committee is great for individuals that want to volunteer but cannot commit a great deal of time.

Membership Growth Committee

The Growth Committee reaches out to the public, as well as local ARMA International members, to attract new members to the ARMA Houston Chapter. We also work with the chapter president to welcome visitors and share the value proposition that comes with membership.

When taking a position on this committee, several "growth" opportunities are available: -Canvassing local members who have not joined a chapter

  • Greeting visitors at chapter events to make them feel welcome and field any questions they may have
  • Leveraging social networks (virtual and F2F) to identify individuals who can benefit from chapter membership
  • Executing drives and collaborative initiatives (with other committees) to increase the chapter's member population"

ARMA Houston Chapter Mentor Committee

An individual would want to serve on this committee to encourage the large number of members within our chapter to be more involved and to learn more about the new members and their needs from an organization like the Houston ARMA Chapter.

  • Member Welcome – email note welcoming new member to mentor program, providing mentor introduction and invitation to engage in discussion about chapter volunteer op’s and mentee’s desired career development
  • Member check in form – After 2 months since initial engagement, quick note to solicit update from mentee’s

The qualifications to serve on this committee would be:

  • Past leadership within the Houston Chapter
  • Willingness to contact and spend time with new members

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ARMA Houston Chapter Record Archive Committee

This committee is responsible for the following:

  • Keep track of all records stored offsite. Duties include the organizing, filing and tracking of all the stored records.
  • Responsible for retrieval of any boxes requested from storage. Checkouts – A board member should initiate checkout.
  • Returns – Returned boxes should be checked against the box transmittals to determine if all of the contents were returned.
  • Responsible for updating record archive inventories, includes adding of new documents and purging of any documents.
  • Must perform regular maintenance of the stored documents, includes annual review of approved retention schedules for the purpose of purging, destruction and audit of records. Purged documents for destruction will be pulled and indexed using the current retention and should box records with common destruction dates should be boxed together. A destruction list and notice will be generated for review by ARMA board members, upon approved boxes will be processed for destruction.

  • Maintain the website archive web pages; convert the ARMAdilla Weekly to a PDF document and post on the website.

Click Here for information about Community Outreach Projects.


Question about volunteering?

Please click on the "Contact Us" button on the gray bar at the top right of this page.  We will have the appropriate person get back to you. 





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